Why Maestra On The Move?

I’m a teacher that loves to travel and hike. Traveling is a passion that absolutely affects the way I teach, whether I travel to a Spanish-speaking country or even just across my state’s border! I’ve even been lucky enough to take students on trips abroad, so it’s safe to say that traveling and teaching are not separate joys in my life, and I know there are others out there.

Me: Rachel. 29. Living and loving in mountains of North Carolina. Wife. Daughter. Sister.  Intersectional Feminist. Educator. Traveler. Hiker. Bilingual. Animal lover. Summer enthusiast. Passionate. Driven. Loyal.

This blog: Travel blog, educator blog, and hopefully a resource for teachers & adventurers alike!

Connect with me on social media!
Twitter – @MaestraOTM

Instagram – @maestraonthemove

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