Planning Hacks

I was so excited to be on Ashley Uyaguari’s Inspired Proficiency Podcast to chat about planning on a block schedule!

Here are some resources that I discussed on this week’s episode!

Weekly Template Heritage Spanish

Weekly Template Spanish 1

Weekly Template Spanish 2

Weekly Template Spanish 3

I still like to plan out my week on paper, but I’m sure it would be easy to make my to-do list digital. It helps me remember things better. Here is what this week’s To Do List looks like:



  1. Seriously this is my #1 struggle! I do love the format of the lesson plan! I noticed that on the lesson there is a section that discusses class communication %. How do you measure that? Or is that a goal? Also, what kind of things do to discuss in the reflection piece?

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    • I have a rubric that I use from a friend for students to measure their level of participation and communication skills in class. They fill it out at the end of each class period. They also mark on the board, from their perception, what % of class was Spanish-only and no English. It’s highly subjective of course but it’s motivating to students to have a visual reminder to stay in the TL.
      The reflection piece is for myself to fill out after the lesson so that when I teach it next semester I remember what I would add or change.


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