EL FIN del Camino de Santiago: Day 7

This past June I hiked over 130 kilometers with my dad on the Camino de Santiago in Galicia, Spain. I’ve shared that journey in a series of blog posts day-by-day. This is Day 7, our final leg of the Camino; feel free to go back and start with Day 1!


Happy day!


O Faramello to Santiago de Compostela: 13.5 kilometers

Single digit miles and soon enough single digit kilometers and with each step the reality of our adventure’s end sunk in deeper.

For the first time on our Camino, it rained. It rained hard! I pulled out my poncho and silently chanted nearly there, nearly there…


When we entered the plaza in front of the cathedral I felt my eyes well up with tears, though they were quickly wiped away for celebrating and pictures with Dad.

We explored inside, the cathedral perhaps a bit disappointing due to the massive renovations taking place in preparation for the 2021 Holy Year.

Then we went to the pilgrim’s office — what a line! And what a smell! So many sweaty and exhausted pilgrims. We waited an hour, maybe two, but left triumphantly with our compostelas!


The sun arrived to Santiago and all was well.


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