Camino de Santiago: Day 6

This past June I hiked over 130 kilometers with my dad on the Camino de Santiago in Galicia, Spain. I’m sharing that journey in a series of blog posts day-by-day. This is Day 6; feel free to go back and start with Day 1!


This day was rough for me.

In full transparency, sitting with a grumpy face looking at the guidebook and wishing it was over happened more than once on the Camino.

Padrón to O Faramello: 10.4 kilometers

It was the shortest distance day on our Camino, but my head hurt and I didn’t feel mentally prepared for yet another day of walking. My mood was cheered by getting to our albergue at a decent time, and seeing Brianna and Arende at our lunch stop. I was overcome with emotion when Arende said she had a present for me and handed over several blister care items she had bought just for me.

I’m not religious, but there was something about a cool, empty church and a fresh sello in my passport that always revitalized me on the Camino.

The beds were terrible and we didn’t get great rest, but we were only 13.5 km away from Santiago de Compostela…


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