Camino de Santiago: Day 5

This past June I hiked over 130 kilometers with my dad on the Camino de Santiago in Galicia, Spain. I’m sharing that journey in a series of blog posts day-by-day. This is Day 5; feel free to go back and start with Day 1!


We started early, the street lamps still lit as we walked out of Briallos.


Briallos to Padrón: 23.2 kilometers

The plan for today was to take it easy and make it to the municipal albergue in Valga, but upon arriving at 11:30am we decided to push onward rather than waiting for it to open at 1pm.


It was a bad day for my blisters but it was a good day for conversation on the trail. We talked with Leonie, the single German girl that had stayed in Briallos the night before. We also met Brianna, who lives in Madrid but is from Miami, and her doctor friend, also living in Madrid but from Colombia. She gave me some helpful advice for my blisters. We briefly saw the Germans again but no sign of Mark or Giselle.


In Padrón we stayed on the top floor of a private albergue – we ended up with our own room and a lovely terrace. We feasted on fried squid and Padrón peppers, and had an excellent dessert as well. After a long day we went to bed early and vowed to sleep in a bit the next day.


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