Camino de Santiago: Day 3

This past June I hiked over 130 kilometers with my dad on the Camino de Santiago in Galicia, Spain. I’m sharing that journey in a series of blog posts day-by-day. This is Day 3; feel free to go back and start with Day 1!


Waking up in the dark, the sounds of many snores reminded me I was on the Camino. I climbed down from the bunk, gingerly pressing the heels of my feet on the ladder rungs to avoid the sharp pain of blisters or the ache of my left knee. As I tiptoed to the bathroom, I felt relieved by how well my body was moving despite what it had endured for the two previous days.

I woke up Dad and packed quietly, then exited to the kitchen and ordered un café solo y pan tostado. After sharing a room with 43 others, I reveled in the quiet of this morning.

Redondela to Pontevedra: 20 kilometers


Dad and I set out and had the Camino to ourselves – for only a few minutes. Yesterday’s arrival in Redondela meant that we joined up with the Central Portuguese Way, and that plus our proximity to Santiago meant more pilgrims.

Despite the crowds, the Camino gave us another beautiful day. A little cloudy with cool morning temperatures made us happy hikers. My feet did well until Arcade.

Upon arriving to Pontevedra, we walked through the old town and were met with two albergues completos, but were quickly able to secure a spot at Pensión Santa Clara. We feasted on a pilgrim’s menu at a bar down the street, and now here we are ready for some sleep that will restore us for tomorrow.

On The Subject of Feet


Oh, my dear Zamberlans! How I have taken you for granted. How I miss your soft soles and sturdy ankle support!

I’m a fool for not appreciating your years of service and opting for a pair of flashy lightweight Salomons. Dearest Zamberlans, not once have you let me know the plague of blisters, and I must apologize for leave you behind as I embarked on this adventure.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Rookie mistake Rachel! Don’t wear brand new shoes on the trail!

You are partially correct. I did in fact take time to break in the new ones with some pleasant walks around home. I did not, however, account for the 20 pounds of weight on my back and the swelling of feet that have traversed more than 10 miles in one day…

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