Classroom Tour 2019

Another year, another classroom move! It’s my 7th move in less than 6 years of teaching, so I don’t mean to brag, but I’m kind of an expert at packing and unpacking 😉

Classroom door has school schedules & emergency info; Table to the right of door for whiteboards, clipboards, and turn-in basket.
Basic rejoinders
Desk area for myself and for my student teacher!
Artist’s Corner
This year’s classroom library has a smaller space but even more books! I will move chairs around for various reading activities.
My library has an assortment of books appropriate for Spanish 1-4 AND Heritage Spanish! #deptof1
This year I’m keeping a list of go-to brain breaks that I can continue to add to right beside the SMART board. No more boredom of the same rock, paper, scissors game on repeat!
High-frequency verb wall
Question words from Señor Wooly
Classroom rules adapted from Ben Slavic
Whiteboard space that includes learning targets and agendas for all classes
A deskless classroom in which furniture gets moved around frequently!

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