Finding Home

Nick and I are on an adventure. For about the past month we spend our Saturdays looking at property.

While we narrow down what we want each and every day, it always feels like our ideas are expanding. First we were looking for a small home. Then an idea struck: Let’s build our own! On to land shopping. Which led us to: Let’s build a small, eco-friendly home on a beautiful piece of property in which we can create a homestead. A veggie garden is a must, chickens are a go, and OMG I want a goat! But they are social creatures so let’s get two!

We’re on that threshold of dreams and reality…unbelievably exciting. Finding that right piece of land is the toughie for now.

I’m sure this blog will be an outlet to chronicle this process. For now, a question for small homesteaders of the blogosphere:

How did you find the right place? What is your advice and wisdom from the experience?


  1. We found our property by accident, we had been talking about building and an opportunity to buy some land came up quickly, we jumped on it and had our land a year before we actually broke ground on the house. We love that we were able to build our home. Best of luck on your search!

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    • Thanks for the comment! As fate would have it, the day you left this comment was the day we stumbled on the perfect piece of property. We are now under contract for it! Our plan is also to begin building in about a year. I’ve been enjoying your blog and it’s given me many ideas 😀


      • That is so exciting, congrats. Thanks for the support, I’m really enjoying getting to know everybody in the blogging world 🙂


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